A Dynamic Of Mothering From Kate Mazur

Well-written words on mothering type of love from Kate Mazur. Reposted from Facebook with author’s permission.

Kate Mazur

Jan 13 2017, 10:28 AM

As I sat this morning holding an angry, screaming four year old, I thought about life and love. He didn’t want anything to do with anyone, including me. Yet, as I held him close telling him it’s okay to be mad and okay to cry, I felt his body release just a bit of tension. As the minutes passed, I thought about loving- no matter what: Love never failing. I want my six children to know my love for them, even when they’re angry, sad, etc. “Don’t cry” isn’t something they will ever hear me say.

I think an hour passed as I held the angry one. It may not have been that long but it did feel like it. Usually, he gets back to happy pretty fast, but for whatever reason it took him extra time this morning. For the past few weeks, he has needed extra help dealing with strong feelings, and sometimes I have not helped him. Probably that’s why it took so long this morning.

Trust continues to develop as I prove my love to my children, mourning with them when they are sad and celebrating when they are happy. I have had to be taught in recent years how to do this. As I acknowledge their intense feelings and get close, they feel me and KNOW I am there. Once they KNOW by feeling my closeness, they calm enough and I can eventually talk about their feelings, naming them (feelings) and asking questions.

How much I appreciate these mornings when Super Husband is home tending to the needs of the other five children. What a gift so I can stay in peace and give my love to one who, in those moments, is not lovely. I admit I have all the patience in the world to sit with an upset person, though I cannot remember always to keep food in myself, remember what I was doing before the uproar or know for certain what day it is.

Samuel is back to happy now. He was angry because his monkey was wet from the disinfectant wipe his eldest brother used on it.

Once he began to settle down, I asked:. “What made you angry?”

“Lukie got my monkey’s faa wet with a wipe.”

“Faa??” I asked, wondering what he could mean.


“Fur! Your monky’s fur is wet and you don’t like that!!!!!!”.

Oh for joy to know what made him so blasted angry!


“Ok. I can understand that. (Pause rubbing his back)…. Do you know the fur will dry?”


“Okay…But you don’t like that it’s wet now.”


“Well, I can understand how that made you mad. (More pause thinking how to redirect) Ruth blow dried Joseph’s monkey. Would you like her to do that to your wet monkey?”


“Ok Well, now that you’re happy again, I think Ruth is the right person to help you. (Pause for long hug) I love you, Samuel even when you’re angry.”. He hopped off our bed and took Ruth’s gentle, calming hand and away they went.

As I sit here and reflect, I notice Our home is back to the normal sounds of contentment:. lessons, chores, drums, washing machine and Brent instructing whatever is happening on the other side of the bedroom door.

During this season of motherhood, I rarely leave these four small walls. I know sometime soon this intense, all consuming time in our family’s life will give way to a different kind of season. I confess to enjoying even these moments -doing real life with the extrordinary people with whom I reside. Keeping it real is amazing. What day is it? I have no idea and know it doesn’t, in this moment, matter.


Trouble Is A Servant

This is a powerful bit of verse, shared from katemazur’s blog

Kate Mazur

Here’s a poem by John Wright Follette that I found at the beginning of his book “Broken Bread”.  The idea has been on my mind a lot lately:

“All of us know trouble – at least I hope we do;
Trouble is a servant, but known as such to few.
We are taught to shun her and, if she comes too near,
Seldom do we face her but run away in fear.
Good and bad must meet her, the universe around-
Sinners, saints, kings and knaves-she comes where man is found.
Always make her serve you, for she can serve you well;
Just HOW you may use her your life will always tell.
Trouble is but passive – it’s by our power to will
We make her either bless us or do the soul some ill.
How do you translate her from phrases filled with pain
To messages of strength-from…

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My Review of Alien Human Spirits, Series 1

Disclaimer:  Some of you will balk at the title.  For those that do, I am confident that if you just give it a listen, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Sandy Landry and I worked through this album together, and the one that follows it.

This album, of all of the SLG teachings was the one I understood intuitively the fastest.

You know, Arthur made a comment on this album on Disc 1, Cut 1, at about 5:30. He said:

“So for those of you that are purists and require only the finest and the best of theology, I recommend you shut this CD off and run for the hills.”

I vehemently disagree with his assessment of what he has produced.

By training and education, I am a theologian. I have a niche anointing and earned authority in the area of theology, and I am not just talking because I went to seminary.

I have read a lot and studied a lot and digested a whole lot.

The problem with most theology is that it does not answer or even bother to wrestle with the “so what?” question, especially as it pertains to present day Monday morning work.

This set and the two that follow it are honestly, in my estimation, some of the finest in theology precisely because they provide a new paradigm designed to address the lack of liberation prevalent in the body of Christ.

Now, do they answer every question pertaining to the concept of AHS/unclean spirits? No.

But do they attempt to work with some considerations that may be missing from our modalities of deliverance? YES!

And theology is not theology unless someone first has the guts to pose a question, and then WRESTLE with that question in order to answer it.

Arthur, you accomplish effective theology in short order, and yours is some of the finest attempts at wrestling with the texts while being sober in the assertion your material is not a silver bullet.

On one hand, we need fewer silver bullet showmen. On the other hand, we nee more hunting skillful theologians that “tremble without excellent speech” and who dance the waltz between principle, revelation, and “a demonstration of the Spirit’s power” (1 Corinthians 2:3-5).

Arthur here does just that. And he takes us from the place where we think everything is alright, to the place where we are forced to acknowledge and refuse our own denial that something else might be to blame for what really is wrong with us, and he does not back down from explaining a very plausible theory for what might the the cause, and then presents a possible solution, nay, a series of solutions for the problems that plague us with respect to things that defile our essence.

And in this series, Arthur verbatim encourages people to work in self-deliverance as much as possible. It is so blasted refreshing to hear someone who understands deliverance modalities exhort the body that it is okay for us to do it ourselves rather than rely on his or her unique covering in order to get free.

It is refreshing that Arthur resists the siren song that encourages us to embrace a welfare spirit that says we cannot do it ourselves, but constantly need someone to fix us or pray deliverance over us.

I had a vanishing twin and survivor guilt, and working through that on my own, I was able to rid myself of some things that were creating defilements in my very essence.

And I want the same for the rest of my friends and family.

This journey is about your essence, and not you trying to live vicariously for others, nor is it about someone else trying to live vicariously through you.

So, consider yourself warned, this will jostle your theology if you are used to having a safe and secure theology that isn’t messed with, but it really will give you a solid exposition on how we are supposed to look at some different packages of critters that are out of the ordinary and can afflict us.

Get the album. You will not regret it.

Concerning the Redemptive Gift of Prophet (Revision)

Benedict ArnoldDISCLAIMER: These thoughts are my own, so feel free to disagree with me, and I would be interested to know your reasoning, given we are all learning together.

DISCLAIMER 2: In the Process of revising the original blog post, something happened in the sync between my phone and my Computer and the post was donated to the event horizon that is the cybernetic trash can.

DISCLAIMER 3: Sandy Landry provided better material for pegging Benedict Arnold’s Redemptive Gift, and I will addend that below as part of this post.  Sparkling work, ma’am.

I have written on the Exhorter several times on this blog.  And that was to a purpose.  My heart in part is for that tribe to see the beauty of its gift, because it has been so badly beaten-up over the worst expressions of the gifts.

I have made mention on my blog of this thing called the Redemptive Gifts.

So, what exactly are the Redemptive Gifts? And what is their purpose?

They are the gifts mentioned in Romans 12:6-8, which reads:

Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to exercise them accordingly: if prophecy, according to the proportion of his faith; if service, in his serving; or he who teaches, in his teaching; or he who exhorts, in his exhortation; he who gives, with liberality; he who leads, with diligence; he who shows mercy, with cheerfulness.

These gifts are also referred to as the Motivational Gifts.

They are called Redemptive, because G-d uses our hardwiring to redeem creation.  They are called Motivational, because they describe our motivation.

There are seven different types of hardwiring that each have a different motivation.

And they are motivated to share the King of Kings in a different facet, and each of those facets is good.

From the business side of things, because businesses are often extensions of the people who receive the vision for the companies they found, I have mentioned various people and organizations that I think have this or that gift.  This post series will not address the business side or the land side of things.

Before I get into the expression of how the gifts work in individuals, however, I need to address three items so our heads and hearts are in the right place.


1) Unique Hardwiring:  We are discussing that special hardwiring that G-d put into each of us when we were conceived and then born, that purpose and role that we each have in effecting G-d’s ultimate plan of redemption.  I don’t know how many of y’all realize it, but all of y’all were put on this earth to solve a particular problem USING YOUR UNIQUE HARDWIRING, and not someone else’s hardwiring.  A Prophet is designed, for example, to drill down with a simplistic worldview.  A Giver, on the other hand, is designed to see the shades of gray and complexity and not to be black-and-white.  We are not supposed to be forcing the black-and-white person to see the shades of gray and vice-versa.  We are supposed to see the unique designs, embrace them, celebrate them, and see them set up to succeed, not cast stones at them or tell them how they have to be part of a sausage factory and become like everyone else.

2) Filial Identity:




  1. of or due from a son.

There is no mold for the kingdom work.  G-d makes us, knits us, and crafts us. One mold per person, and then G-d breaks that mold. You have a unique design, it is good, it is unique, and while it is one of seven (because that is reflected in creation), there are an infinite number of ways that each unique son of the Kingdom expresses himself or herself in their unique design.

And yes, I did use the term “son” and “herself” in the same sentence.  We are sons in the kingdom, and we are each the bride of Christ.  Congratulations, life is uncomfortable for all of us.

Woman of G-d, you are the son of G-d.

Man of G-d, you are the bride of Christ.

And I am sorry, but I will not sugarcoat that reality.

3) Whose Teaching:  There are people who assume that this teaching is solely the product of Arthur Burk.  This is not his signature teaching.  He moves from research project to research project, looking at new paradigms.  Further, he does not rest on his laurels.  It is a teaching of his, and it is not the center of his teaching, though it is a major part of his paradigm.  And while many of us that have accepted the Redemptive Gift teaching are friends of his and track with SLG, it does not mean that we are his groupies or that we hang on his bell waiting for him.  The teaching on the Fractal of Seven and the Redemptive Gifts belongs to all of us, and it is the responsiblity of those of us who walk in the light of those revelations to find our own place in the constellation that was articulated by both Arthur and Bill Gothard, who, if you recall what Arthur said on the original Redemptive Gift teaching, was provided the original source material that Arthur used for about 25 years.

This is the teaching that was gifted to the body of Yeshua ha-Mashiach.  It’s not one man at the top and we all sit at his feet, nor is it one man at the bottom and we all stand on his shoulders.  Rather, it is one of our number who shared this with us, and we walk along side him as just fellow believers.  It is G-d’s revelation that G-d gave to some men and they in turn, dispensed it to us in order for us to become factories and produce new revelations and paradigms using the same principles.

Do not put either Bill or Arthur on a pedestal.  And do not put any one of your friends on a pedestal either.  I will explain with each of the gifts.

Now, having said that, let’s jump into first of the Redemptive Gifts.


I would like to start by covering the first of the seven gifts, the Redemptive Gift of Prophet, which is different from the Office of Prophet in Ephesians 4 and the Manifestation Gift of Prophesying in 1 Corinthians 12-14

Behavioral Characteristics of a Prophet:

-Binary, Didactic Worldview-everything is black and white, right and wrong, in and out, up and down.

-They think in terms of absolutes.  So, when you are dealing with those kids that are absolute and black-and-white, DO NOT CURSE THAT PART OF THEIR DESIGN. DON’T force them into a mold and DON’T CURSE them by saying “once you grow up, you will see there are shades of gray” and “you can’t be so black-and-white”. THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR GRAYSCALE. Loose those young Prophets and let them go.

-They may suffer from an insufferable amount of tunnel vision.  They may not see any other dynamic or detail on the way to solving the problem that they are focused on and passionate about with a laser-focus.

-Because of their intense drive, they also have to go somewhere.  They are always going somewhere.  They have to be proceeding.  They have a direction.  Frequently, they are in motion.

-They are designed to see the results of cause-and-effect relationships, and as a result they use those cause-and-effect relationships to solve problems.  Think George Washington Carver and the Peanut as the solution for the soil depletion.  Think of Thomas Edison and the light bulb as the solution for creating light after the sun went down.  And as a final example, Henry Ford who was an inventor, shut down his factory so that he could work on this new thing of which he had conceived and called it the assembly line.  It revolutionized the automobile industry.  And that was Ford’s gift to the automotive industry.

-They make decisions very quickly and can shift to the execution of those decisions with blazing-fast speed, not always realizing the full implication of those decisions and executions.

-They are often seen as bold and brash, but that is because they readily see far, which means they often lack at seeing broadly.

-The Prophet also does not do fear.  Everything they do they do with confidence.  They are no-fear with respect to their relationships, with respect to solving problems, and with respect to their giving.  They will lead the charge on all sorts of things.

-Prophets will initiate the building of new things, the articulation of new ideas, and the expression of new things.

-Prophets are interested in the new way more than they are the old.  They like a blank sheet of paper to do something new.  If they are put in charge of something existing, they will enlarge it, improve it, fix it, change it, or quit from it.   They don’t do maintenance.  They fix.

-Related to this drive to fix is the demand the prophet has for a destination.  Prophets must have a direction, a goal, a somewhere, and aim, a goal, purpose, or a project to work on, something to improve, or something to create.

-Prophets direct and show direction.  They direct the church and show the path or many paths, depending on if direction is needed, or if options are needed.  Think of the skills necessary in driving versus chess. One path versus survival on many fronts.

-They move toward brokenness and chaos, in order to bring order out of that chaos. Broken people, broken situations, broken spirituality.

-They will care compassionately for the broken and for the roadkill.

-Their greatest battle is with bitterness, offense, and the maintenance of their joy.

-They have the greatest range of emotions and volcanic expression of those emotions.

-Because they are intense fixers, they will see what is wrong in a situation and they will judge what is wrong and make a running list of all the things that need fixing, and if you let them fix, they will fix those things.

-They take the initiative to judge.  They will judge situations, things, and also other people, and themselves.  Because of this tendency to pass judgment, they can come across as judgmental.  This can lead to straining and fracturing of relationships.

-They are also brutally honest to a fault and while they may also be harsh with others, they are even more harsh with themselves.  When they do wrong, or when they sin, they beat themselves up, and they will seek to root every single detail out.  Their mindset can turn into a graceless or merciless one where they say to themselves, “it must be because of this or that sin that I am getting punished this way”, and they will hunt for all the sins they recently committed plus the ones they thought about committing but never got around to doing.

-Coupled with the compulsion for honesty, is the personal ethic to which Prophets hold themselves, in all dealings.  In the parlance of today’s culture “a man got to have a code.”  They hold to a set of unwritten expectations and ethics/morals that they will not violate.  This also ties back to their intense sense of right and wrong.

-They extrapolate based on a given set of principles to predict future events.   And they see at a distant.  Because of this tendency, paired with the quickness of passing judgment, they will often be treated with contempt or wonder by others.  “why are you freaking out over such a small change here?”  He or she is not freaking out over this.  he or she is freaking out over the implications over there.

-As a result of being misunderstood, one of potential results of that is the bitterness above.

-They are very hard working as a result, and sometimes may slip into the sin of trying to help G-d out through their capacity to work very hard.

-While your right-brain dominant Prophet presents as very emotional and very expressive, your left-brained Prophet is more reserved.  Yes, I know a lot of people that would say, “a Prophet is very verbal-expressive”, but I know a particular Walking-Tall Prophet, who sets the bar for all Prophets, and he is L. E. F. T. B. R. A. I. N. E. D.. He definitely skews the curve for the tribe as a whole.  Also, because he is left-brained, he is very reserved and has patience to listen to everything.  Very, very tender.

So, how do I know he is a Prophet?  Easy, he eats, breathes, drinks, sleeps problem-solving.

A couple of those characteristics to hit here.  First, hopelessness.  Hope is the gas for any prophetic gift.  When hope is not present, despair and destruction that set in. Destruction of the Prophet’s spirit and soul

Second, when a prophet is high-functioning, he or she can be very good with relationships, if he is careful to guard against running and fleeing at the first, second, or third sign of trouble, and if he has people who understand those temptations and will be life-giving to him.


You know, imma throw out my thoughts on these, though they may stir up some controversy and though Arthur may disagree with me.

I am of the opinion, and current science will read this way as well, that there are six colors in the rainbow.

The Prophet then, because he runs with Principles, and flows in them, is the Principle of Design.  Now Design is another way of saying Principles.

The Principle of Design is foundational to all other principles. In fact, the very phrase, ‘the Principle of Design,’ is redundant.  There can be no Design without Principles.  There can be no end product without the underlying, abstract concepts that supports that product. So Design is the art of weaving Principles together in order to produce change” (Arthur Burk, The Seven Principles, Disc 2, Cut 1, 0:48-1:10).

The challenge for the Prophet is to embrace all of the Principles” (Arthur Burk, The Redemptive Gifts of Individuals, Disc 2: Prophet, Cut 1, 0:25-0:29).

Therefore, the Prophet’s color of light is White.

The weaving together of all the colors of the rainbow produces white light, so the weaving together of all the Principles that produces change is the reality of the Principle of Design.

Second, the Prophet, because he is designed to flow in all the principles, is also designed to flow in the Principles that govern human relationships.  If a Prophet is high-functioning, he can really engage well in effective and strong human relationships.  He is not designed to fail in his relationships.


Part 1: My own life

Many of you that know me, do not know me as a traitor.

However, I have seen the worst sides of betrayal in my life, and have chosen rather to bless those who have cursed than curse them.

When I saw the playout of betrayal among relationships in the town where I grew up, I made a conscious part of my goal in life to never get into that trap of becoming a traitor.  I run from those situations, pretty much at any given personal cost.

Whether you call that a vow or an oath or whatever, it has always been an integrated (there is no such thing as “integrous”.  The adjectival form of “integrity” is “integrated”) part of my behavior.  I am fiercely loyal.  That means, I will bluntly tell you the right course of action if I think the wrong course will threaten your integrity.  I will also say if I think your path is wrong if I believe you can handle it.

This choice has brought great personal pain, because I am mostly a very social person, while remaining blunt with people who need that bluntness.

Part 2: My First Marriage

It is personally ironic that January 14th would have been my 13th anniversary to what is now my ex-wife, who engaged in this behavior of betrayal.  Going into that relationship with her, I was fairly certain throughout that I had married the wrong person, yet because of my fierce devotion even when burned, I stuck with it, for 7 or 8 years.  For the record, I forgave her, though I grieve deeply the loss of that nation-changer of the kingdom.

Part 3: The Man In the Picture Above is a Redemptive Gift of Prophet, Based on My Analysis

Because it is right for me to know my history, those of you who deeply know your American Revolution/War For Independence history, know that I share a birthday with this chucklehead. Benedict Arnold.

Now, at the risk of potential offense to some, I would like to scoop out a portion of Arnold’s story on today. Courtesy of Wikipedia:


Concerning the possible clues that led to his betrayal:

Despite Arnold’s successes, he was passed over for promotion by the Continental Congress, while other officers claimed credit for some of his accomplishments.  Adversaries in military and political circles brought charges of corruption or other malfeasance, but most often he was acquitted in formal inquiries. Congress investigated his accounts and concluded that he was indebted to Congress (he also had spent much of his own money on the war effort).  Arnold was frustrated and bitter at this, as well as with the alliance with France and the failure of Congress to accept Britain’s 1778 proposal to grant full self-governance in the colonies. He decided to change sides, and opened secret negotiations with the British.

And his response to the Boston Massacre, which is vintage Prophet, Fight and Win Against the Enemy:

Arnold was in the West Indies when the Boston Massacre took place on March 5, 1770. He wrote that he was “very much shocked” and wondered “good God, are the Americans all asleep and tamely giving up their liberties, or are they all turned philosophers, that they don’t take immediate vengeance on such miscreants?”

I am of the opinion that Arnold was a Redemptive Gift Prophet, based on these thoughts, and that he was aggressive, and ultimately betrayed the Nation because of bitterness, offense, and a perception of betrayal by his colleagues.

UPDATE:  Sandy Landry made some observations that Arnold is not a Prophet, and here are those observations from her hand, and I fully agree with her in these.


David, you made some very good points, but I had studied Benedict Arnold awhile ago and thought he was giver. Why? Because he couldn’t stop looking for money making opportunities throughout the war. He was accused of looting and selling merchandise of the wealthy colonists who were aligned with the British, and he was guilty, although he was exonerated. He furnished his own home with confiscated antiques he “acquired” from the colonists. I think because he was a more “gray” thinker, he was not as passionate about the cause of the war, and maybe really looking for his own gain along the way. Prophets can become bitter, but they usually know right from wrong. They don’t excuse their blunders. He remained on the “other side” his whole life. He seemingly withstood no one liking him on either side of the Atlantic. He seemed to see the whole conflict differently from the other American generals, and he betrayed Washington to “help” himself. He did not appear to suffer from his disloyalty, emotionally, that is. That doesn’t seem prophet to me. They usually weep and wail if they make an error this big. And they repent and find their way back. There is something in them that must live by the truth. Like Peter. I can’t think of a prophet who became a byword for Traitor. My opinion.

So, there you have it, friends.  One Gift Analysis down with a revision, and Six to Go.


My Review of Redemptive Gifts of Cities

Content can be found at: https://theslg.com/content/132-redemptive-gifts-of-cities


Without realizing it, I have been tracking with Arthur since 1999. Let me explain.

When I was in college in the late 1990’s, during my Sophomore Year, I connected with someone who was a violinist and a Music Major at the time, and she told me about this church she was attending, where G-d was moving. That was late 1999 or early 2000.

Within the first few weeks of visiting this church, the associate pastor made a statement that was curious to me: “DeLand, Florida is a Teaching City and this church is a Teaching Church.”

He then went on to list characteristics of a Teaching City, including division of the city into two parts and the careful meticulous research thst is done in the city, along with the presence of many educational institutions and churches.

Now, though that was my only exposure to Sapphire/Plumbline teachings for years, before Arthur’s name came to be associated in my brain with the teaching in this series, it had an impact on me 18-19 years ago.

Further, I started making other connections over the years and recognizing the gift of Teaching independently in other entities. And I always kept that bit of paradigm in the back of my mind, because that church was so influential in my life.

And then I found out from a close friend about SLG, and the Redemptive Gifts. He was a Prophet and, in response to my queries about Leviathan, he pointed me to Arthur. And this series fell out into my lap because of my intense draw to working with land.

This series had that impact on my life because of my passion for cities. And I have come to recognize that the vast majority of cities in which I have lived, and the significant turning points in my life, to an item, have all occurred in Teacher Cities.

My hometown is a Teacher City and it is precious. I now recognize that quality of Teacher land for producing revelation in my life.

College, Seminary, my second marriage, my Spirit Baptism. And then there are the cities profiled here.

Boston…Bakersfield…Baltimore…Santa Clarita…San Jose…Washington…and…San Francisco, HOME OF BEAUTY AND EXCELLENCE.

You want to take care of those places where you go, and though I have visited only three of these cities, Bakersfield and San Francisco gripped me the hardest with compassion over their unrecognized influence.

And I know we on the East Coast have jokes about Los Angeles, but G-d help us, we should be moved to tears for being life-giving to that city.

I have prayer-walked cities after dark because of the passion that Arthur sent my way 18 to 19 years ago.

I have a deep and strong heart for the loveliness amidst the brokenness. I have prayerwalked UCLA, and thought deeply about LA since I was there last 17 years ago.

I remember the friendships that were lost after they were gained as a result of visiting that city.

I remember the depth of Boston as I walked the streets to Fanueil Hall woth my wife and kids and the affection of the Father that BROODS over that city. It moves me.

And how in Teacher City after Teacher City, Father has dared to move in revival and power.

And how deeply the families of Bakersfield are loved, and the history of my people, the Blackfoot Indians, and their tender affection for Colonel Baker, in response to his fairy love for them.

This album changed me.

Years before I knew who Arthur was.

Thanks, friend.

My Review of Redemptive Gifts of Individuals

Arthur Burk RGI

The Redemptive Gifts of Individuals by Arthur Burk

How many people have benefitted from this material, the original, and I am the fourth reviewer?

This series is the original teaching that deals with the identification of many traits of each of the gifts, and it deals with many of those traits with excellence.

Now, Arthur has done his homework here, though later in 2008, he expresses regret over not having given Servant and Mercy their due.  And I can see that, but those gifts are vastly underrated by a lot of us anyway.  I know this, because I underrate my Servant wife on a constant basis.

You should definitely get this one to listen to, understand, make your own inventories in your own words, digest these gifts, compare to the Videos on YouTube, and Majesty of His Artistry, and then move into identifying your own gift.

I am very impressed with the level of attention to the details of Scripture that are found in here, and in the reflections in each member of the fractal that are found throughout the Holy Writ. This series does a lot to add to the coherence of Scripture.

And my thorough exhortation to the body is not for us to use Arthur for what we think he is good for, but to bless him for being such an asset to the body of Messiah Yeshua.

Get this album, understand the nature of the gifts, and deepen your understanding by a thorough read-through yourself of Scripture and an assessment of your resources because you are each sons of the King.

Concerning the President’s Comments on Sh**hole Countries

R. Loren Sandford is a trustworthy voice in the body of Christ.  In the few short months I have had the honor to connect with him, I have seen nothing but righteous and humble fruit FLOW from him, as well as a measure of the Solomonic wisdom that is designed to issue from the hoary-headed.  His counsel is sage, measured, and gentle, while also being holy, and full of the life of the Father.

President Trump made some disparaging remarks that were not tinged with grace and truth.  And beyond this, I offer no words besides those Brother Sandford has.  They are reprinted from his Facebook Page, and I am thrilled he supported my reprint of them in their entirety:


Some time ago, having examined a lot of negative fruit, and having therefore deleted some posts because of the division and ugliness they produced, I determined that I would not preach against a sitting president regardless of his party. Now I’m hearing cries of outrage from a broad spectrum of people asking, “Where is the church?” after the president’s remarks about immigration from “sh**hole countries”.

The idea seems to be that we pastors should spend pulpit time decrying the president’s statement, and that, if we don’t, we’re somehow not fulfilling our calling. We were called to preach Jesus in His house, so I’m not certain to what degree we have been called to use the Lord’s pulpit to call out a president who may not even be a real Christian. Nevertheless, I have something to say.

I’ve said it before, both in print in my Prophetic Moments blog and emailings and in messages I’ve given both at home in my travels. I put it in the context of a call to pray for the president as a man, as well as for the sake of the country. It’s very simple.

I have said that the president will stand little chance of advancing his agenda if he doesn’t learn some simple truths from God’s word and make them part of His character. Proverbs 16:7, “When a man’s ways are pleasing to the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” Perhaps more significant is Proverbs 12:18, “There is one who speaks rashly like the thrusts of a sword, But the tongue of the wise brings healing,” or 15:1, “A gentle answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger,” and the verse that follows, “The tongue of the wise makes knowledge acceptable, But the mouth of fools spouts folly.”

From the New Testament: “But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger; for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God” (James 1:19).

All of these principles apply most strongly to anyone in a power position where the impact of words spoken will be magnified. No one wins by insulting people and calling them names, no matter who they are. Pray that our president takes these things to heart before more damage is done. I mean pray, not vilify or judge or condemn, or in any way add to the hatred and vitriol currently tearing our nation apart. AND DO NOT USE THIS THREAD AS A PLATFORM TO SPEW NEGATIVITY, CONDEMNATION AND HATRED.

The sitting President is an Exhorter, and he will be called to account for how he uses his words.  Regardless of your thoughts on his political affiliation, you are responsible as a believer of Jesus Christ, Messiah Yeshua, to pray and intercede for him and his mouth.

If he is a believer, which I seriously doubt, given the accounts of a faith commitment are dubious at best, then he is accountable to rein his mouth in and his words.  Designating countries that are substandard in his perception as holes of fecal matter does not become the Chief Diplomat.  Nor does it show the temperance of one who is being molded after the image of Christ.  He is responsible to serve, and we are responsible as We The People to pray for him, and not curse him, as part of our leadership duties.

Brother Sandford’s words serve as a good set of prayer points. Hit those Proverbs, if you are concerned for the President’s representation.

But don’t curse the Democrats, and don’t cry foul and only behave as if One political party can do no wrong and the other can do no right.