The Paraclete’s Hammer (TPH) is a forum for discussing Scripture and principles, in addition to issues surrounding these ideas. We consider treasures that are new as well as old. We are neither religious for considering the old, nor heretical for considering the new. We love to test all sorts of ideas. Some may work and some may not.

We enjoy long walks understand the sun, moon, and stars, leisurely discussing Leviathan, the human spirit, the Holy Trinity, patterns that repeat, hermeneutics, the design of various people and organizations, principles of leadership, ways of improving how we express the faith of Jesus Christ, practical expressions of Jewish and Christian Expression, topics no one else is discussing, and a whole boatload of other things.

The topic of moment will often dominate over the repeated theme, though our aim is to know Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and to help others know Him more deeply. We are zealous, compassionate, tender, forthright, and occasionally stern, and we wish to help others know what they were made to be and what the were made to do.

We will help you pursue your purpose and know how you were made.

Be blessed and free to pursue your design. Flow from that, and find the source of life.


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