Some Thoughts on Galatians 6:18

18 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, brothers. Amen.


Paul is speaking to the spirits of the Galatians.  Grace is designed to reside in our spirits.  It is not something we can carry in the natural.  It is a spiritual quality.  As a result, it takes spiritual discernment to recognize the grace of Jesus in another believer.


We get a whole lot twisted based on what we see as external behavior.  We think we are discerning when all we are doing is looking at the externals.  How about we start developing some internal, spiritual discernment, and start looking at each other’s hearts, and blessing what is inside of someone rather than cursing them based on what is on the outside?


Many times we get into trouble as Christians because we don’t see with spiritual eyes.


Many times we content ourselves with looking with our natural eyes, and our spiritual eyes are blind.  We need to really pray into asking the Lord to anoint our eyes with the salve from Revelation 3:18 so we can see what He wants us to see and be in tune with the frequencies He wants us to be in tune with.  Because if the world is full of His lovingkindness, and all we are experiencing is the natural in other men and women, and missing the spiritual, it is kind of a shameful evidence that we have a blindness that needs fixing.


It would be a shame to miss out on EVERYTHING G-d has for us, simply because we have not asked Him to show us what He wants to show us.


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