The Curse of One Thing

The Philistine Curse is one of those things about which I have thought very deeply, so let me see if I can over-simplify it.

Our definition of the Religious Spirit does need some refining.  We like to define it as not doing the stuffy things that certain denominations do.  And then we list our favorite denominations that exemplify this behavior.  And we bash Catholics, and Anglicans, and Methodists, and Baptists, and anybody except our own favored special group, who somehow does it right and is somehow more special than others.


I define the spirit of religion as “doing everything except the one thing that G-d told you to do”.

Dear Charismatic, if G-d told us to quit engaging in whatever our pet sin is, and we are engaging in this flurry of activity that includes passionate worship, flagging, dancing, prophesying, and a bevy of “spiritual” activity accidentally or intentionally when we should be giving our energies to overcoming whatever that sin is, then that is a religious spirit.  We can claim to be free of a religion and yet change the color of the religion.

In another vein, the religious spirit can also be identified by those who squelch their design and act in a way that is incongruent with how G-d designed them to act.

If G-d told us to quit squelching how He made us, and we accedentally or intentionally do that in order to fit in.

When we squelch our design in order to fit in, and resist doing the One Thing or series of things He is leading us to do, we then are:

    1. Rejecting the One Thing that Father hardwired us to do,
    2. Rejecting our One Principle, One Gift, and One Design,
    3. Rejecting the One Place where we will have disproportionate ROI,
    4. Rejecting the One Reason G-d made us,
    5. Rejecting the One Pathway of His grace flowing, disproportionately in our lives (contra Romans 12:6–gifts given in accordance to the grace in our lives),
    6. Resisting the One Thing that will cause us to possess our birthright,
    7. Resisting the enthronement of the One Man, Jesus, on the land that is our lives,
    8. At risk for Empowering the Religious Spirit, the Spirit of Anything But the One Thing
    9. At risk for Empowering the Philistine Curse, the Curse of One Thing
  1. At risk for Lacking the One Thing that we need constantly, because the One Man is not enthroned in our lives, and we are rejecting the One Key that will turbocharge our lives.
All I can say is, I am guilty of doing this as well, and I am in desperate need of liberation, so I am not throwing stones at anyone before I throw them at myself.

3 thoughts on “The Curse of One Thing

  1. Once upon a time I knew that this religiosity was what everyone but me and my enlightened friends did in and around church! Yep!
    Today I see this ‘being religious’ stuff, this ‘religious spirit’ stuff, as that do-do-do for the sake of doing everything and anything except what God had directed to do!
    And generally His directive is to BE what he designed us to be anyway!
    Great post David!

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