When Cooking Sucked, Then It Happens

Spicy Honey Chicken Fried Rice

I am working through several issues today.

I know one person that I can confidently say is a legit fivefold prophet.  He is someone that talks to G-d on a regular basis, and G-d talks back.  He lives in the great state of Massachusetts, and has a stubborn streak of crankiness when it comes to ignorance of basic Scriptural understanding.  But he is a close friend and someone I can call, not just to talk about what word he has, but just to talk about how he is doing.  He is a father in the faith, and I have few of those.

He has an odd sense of humor.  And, because of him, I have a number of catchphrases that are very prophety.

And my sense of humor, if it can’t be odd enough, was added to in oddness from him.

His name is Jeff Sickler.  And he is precious, and more precious to connect with on a regular basis.

Today I was in the process of checking some things after a phone call, and he rang me earlier today with a prayer request.  Later today, he rang me again…

With the following, unprovoked lead-in question…

Jeff asked, “Have you been getting bored with cooking?”

I replied,”How do you mean, Jeff?”

(This was my way of stonewalling, because I was indeed feeling like cooking was becoming a chore.)

“Like, when you used to cook, you enjoyed it, but recently in the last few weeks, it has become more of a chore and you have seen it as humdrum.”

I replied that I had never shared this with anyone, but it was in fact true.  And then I asked:

“How did you know this, Jeff?”

“G-d told me.”

Typical Jeff.

And then he expanded.

“Actually, He has been talking to me about this several times, and told me to give you a call and pray for you.”

And so he started praying.

And as he started praying, I started thinking, “chicken, I need chicken.”

Grab chicken, and then put some oil in a pan, and what else?  Garlic.  Get a clove and press that.

And one at a time, the ingredients come.

And grab those dried cayenne peppers on my counter and grind them up.


Chicken starts sautéing, and then, I hunt for carrots.. Found them. slice them in the processor.

And dump the carrots in with the chicken and garlic, and honey and add a nice big pinch of cayenne and some black pepper.

Then…it needs more salt…no not salt…something else…nutty….soy sauce.

And didn’t we have some leftover rice in the fridge.  Yes, yes we did.

And boom.

Out it comes.  My spirit started cooking.  And the fragrance went pow!

So, I recognize that my spirit can cook, and make something insanely spicy that all of me really enjoys.

And I needed it, because after I finished cooking, I saw a comment on my Facebook wall in response to my punny comment that “Seatac is better than hardtac”.  The author said to me that she didn’t know what it meant. I explained that it was a veiled reference to the conference I will be attending in February, and what the play on words was, by explaining hardtack.

And she replied that it I was excited about the conference in SeaTac.

And I said, I was excited to meet people that I had never met before.

And then I said it….

“How can I miss someone I never met before?”

And then I realized..I know the answer to that question.

I have two answers to that question, and both have hit nerves for me.  I have at least one or two nerves that dwell with the Lamb, permanently, that I have never yet met.

And I recognize this as my birthday comes up.  I am missing some things that are precious to me.

New Treasures.

And like any scribe of the kingdom, I have Treasures….


And New…….


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