Concerning the President’s Comments on Sh**hole Countries

R. Loren Sandford is a trustworthy voice in the body of Christ.  In the few short months I have had the honor to connect with him, I have seen nothing but righteous and humble fruit FLOW from him, as well as a measure of the Solomonic wisdom that is designed to issue from the hoary-headed.  His counsel is sage, measured, and gentle, while also being holy, and full of the life of the Father.

President Trump made some disparaging remarks that were not tinged with grace and truth.  And beyond this, I offer no words besides those Brother Sandford has.  They are reprinted from his Facebook Page, and I am thrilled he supported my reprint of them in their entirety:


Some time ago, having examined a lot of negative fruit, and having therefore deleted some posts because of the division and ugliness they produced, I determined that I would not preach against a sitting president regardless of his party. Now I’m hearing cries of outrage from a broad spectrum of people asking, “Where is the church?” after the president’s remarks about immigration from “sh**hole countries”.

The idea seems to be that we pastors should spend pulpit time decrying the president’s statement, and that, if we don’t, we’re somehow not fulfilling our calling. We were called to preach Jesus in His house, so I’m not certain to what degree we have been called to use the Lord’s pulpit to call out a president who may not even be a real Christian. Nevertheless, I have something to say.

I’ve said it before, both in print in my Prophetic Moments blog and emailings and in messages I’ve given both at home in my travels. I put it in the context of a call to pray for the president as a man, as well as for the sake of the country. It’s very simple.

I have said that the president will stand little chance of advancing his agenda if he doesn’t learn some simple truths from God’s word and make them part of His character. Proverbs 16:7, “When a man’s ways are pleasing to the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” Perhaps more significant is Proverbs 12:18, “There is one who speaks rashly like the thrusts of a sword, But the tongue of the wise brings healing,” or 15:1, “A gentle answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger,” and the verse that follows, “The tongue of the wise makes knowledge acceptable, But the mouth of fools spouts folly.”

From the New Testament: “But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger; for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God” (James 1:19).

All of these principles apply most strongly to anyone in a power position where the impact of words spoken will be magnified. No one wins by insulting people and calling them names, no matter who they are. Pray that our president takes these things to heart before more damage is done. I mean pray, not vilify or judge or condemn, or in any way add to the hatred and vitriol currently tearing our nation apart. AND DO NOT USE THIS THREAD AS A PLATFORM TO SPEW NEGATIVITY, CONDEMNATION AND HATRED.

The sitting President is an Exhorter, and he will be called to account for how he uses his words.  Regardless of your thoughts on his political affiliation, you are responsible as a believer of Jesus Christ, Messiah Yeshua, to pray and intercede for him and his mouth.

If he is a believer, which I seriously doubt, given the accounts of a faith commitment are dubious at best, then he is accountable to rein his mouth in and his words.  Designating countries that are substandard in his perception as holes of fecal matter does not become the Chief Diplomat.  Nor does it show the temperance of one who is being molded after the image of Christ.  He is responsible to serve, and we are responsible as We The People to pray for him, and not curse him, as part of our leadership duties.

Brother Sandford’s words serve as a good set of prayer points. Hit those Proverbs, if you are concerned for the President’s representation.

But don’t curse the Democrats, and don’t cry foul and only behave as if One political party can do no wrong and the other can do no right.



3 responses to this post.

  1. Yes Mr Hammer-wielding Paraclete, I have known Loren Sandford’s heart for a while too! Great quote!
    I’m an Aussie but the principles apply here too. The Word is very clear. We can speak death with our tongue, and we can speak life with our tongue!
    In KJV speak, in Proverbs 18:20…
    ‘Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof’.
    Then Eugene Peterson in the Message puts it succinctly…
    ‘Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose’.
    So what gives us the right to verbally asassinate any one? Shouldn’t we should be charged in a court of Law with bringing death, committing murder, and tossed into the dungeon!
    Eating the fruit of our toxic words? Yuck!
    Or what about life-giving words, even if the cake mix is not the best! Well, who is perfect anyway? They can be dished out too!
    From the previous sentence in the Message,
    ‘Good talk is as gratifying as a good harvest’
    Want a goodly harvest to savour, to roll around your tongue? Then ‘Talk ‘good’!
    So from the pulpit or round rhe breakfast table, we can alter the whole atmosphere, and instead of spewing highly infectious defilement, by our own choice, we can bring life! Yes, some politicians do stupid very well! So do bosses So do we!
    Here’s a thought:
    Instead of badmouthing them, what if we were to ask Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, to lead us in our constructive thoughts and shower words of blessing, not cursing!
    Oh! How I love this tactic too…
    ‘To pray and intercede for him and his mouth’.
    Yes the mouth that has offended us, or our nation, to be magnificently and generously blessed!
    Redemption of words of ‘death’! Wow!
    ‘If you cannot say anything good about someone, say nothing at all! was often quoted by my sweet mother.
    Theres a word I found tucked in Ps 4:4 for this..
    ‘Damam’ (Strongs Heb 1826) To stop, be silent etc… or coloqually, ‘to zipp your lip’
    So, on the positive side, can’t we choose to Shhhh on these Sh** matters, or to bring forth a burgeoning paradigm shift to bring our community and nations into positive numbers with spoken ‘good’!
    Wonder what the situation would look like in the next twelve months?


    • My bride has been instrumental in many moments when I should hold my peace, stay my mouth, and Damam, as Psalm 4:4 puts it.

      Appreciate the honouring words you speak, sister, as they are a sweeter savour than any bitter gall.


  2. Posted by Emma Beatrice Roberts on January 28, 2018 at 8:26 am

    Love this article! I’ve heard so much Trumpolatry from people who ought to now better. How refreshing to read something which is respectful without being idolatrous.


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