Jim West Reviews “Against Calvinism” by Roger Olsen

Jim points out in an excellent review of Roger Olsen’s latest book:

“True enough, Scripture tells us to ‘always be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in us’ (1 Pe 3:15) but not once does it anywhere urge us to rise in defense of God.”

Whether you agree or disagree with Calvinism, there is a lucid point here.  G-d needs no defense. Period.  

Scripture does not teach us to correct or rebuke the lost, nor does it call us to defend and exhaustively explain G-d and His actions to the lost.  Rather, it commands us to be ready to give an answer that points the unbeliever to our HOPE.

Now, defense of the faith and contention for the faith are matters reserved for when we encounter the proclamation of heresies by those who identify themselves as followers of Yeshua. 

Put another way, it is not the lost and harassed sheep that we are to fight against, but the wolves who come among the sheep.


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