Saul’s Destiny and the House of Benjamin

Saul’s destiny:

“He it is who shall restrain my people.”

Saul’s response:
“He burned the offerings and sacrifices.”

Can G-d’s destiny for a person be thwarted?

Had Saul been obedeint, and the house of Benjamin ruled over Israel temporally, that would not have stopped the Messiah from coming through the line of Judah. G-d’s blessing would have flowed on another tribe, which, from the text of 1 Samuel 9-10, was His original intent, to bless both sons of Rachel.

G-d had a destiny for Saul, but instead of obeying, Saul rejected that destiny for his own fleshly pursuits and jealousy. This caused the downfall of his portion of the house of Benjamin. Saul’s obedience might have resulted in the redemption of the house of Benjamin. Following the book of Judges, it seems to me that this was the Father’s intent.


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