Why am I seeking for a mentorship, when the last two major experiences I had with mentors were complete and utter busts?  What is the purpose of this, and what is my motivation for mentorship?  Is Christ enough as a mentor, as a spiritual father?  Is the Holy Spirit enough as a mentor?

Mentoring, says Joe Castleberry, is inferior to submitting to leadership.  Mentoring may not be biblical, but submitting to leadership most certainly is.

Hmmm.  I am still stuck on something.  Mentoring does not require anything but it’s own formal abstraction.  Now, real ministry, of itself, is preferable, and building relationships and being under the authority of those who can help you along in ministry, and getting the one-on-one sharing of wisdom, which is my motive for seeking a mentoring relationship, is great.

I know what to do, now I need to procure a place that moves me towards my destiny that enables me to rub elbows with others who are farther along than I am.


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  1. How do you find people who are further along than you are?


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