Internet Fasting, Except for…

Putting up blogs to get out my thoughts which need an outlet.  Still more of a typist than a writer on paper with pen.  Today was Good Friday.  I just got home. Kresha is sick with nausea, diarrhea, the boys miss her, I went to church, agreeing to do something without telling Kresha, before she became sick.

Is it just me or is there a religious spirit that haunts this time of year?  Yuck.  Zwingli is right.  Ceremonials for their own sake get in the way of the life of the community of faith.  And we really screw up the Resurrection holidays with our garbage that professes to celebrate the season.  Living last suppers, contatas, vapid Sunday morning services that are designed to cater to the C and E crowd, in some vain attempt to attract them back to church, while remainig so busy this time of year, we forget to reach out ot them in reality, truth, sincerity, and honesty.  Why do we seem the most artificial during Christmas and Resurrection?  We use the same rote passages, the same standards of outreach, the same overdone messages, and the same cliches.

We really need to simplify around this time of year, divest ourselves of our Resurrection vestments (double breasted suits and spring dresses with matching heels and hose) and we really need to trade in the pomp for sincerity, and WAY MORE community.


Church, divest yourselves of the ceremony and come back to the cardial circumcision.


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