I would like to confess the following, in no particular order…
1. I miss Missouri and the worship we enjoyed there, with letting our kids dance and with us being able to wave flags and dance during worship.
2.  I am a little nervous about my application to Yale, but I am very happy that I chose to apply.
3.  I have been praying for many of my students at Dayspring Xian School.  That the Lord would raise them up.  Luke; Cassie; Hannah; Zach; Batman and Robin; Christina, Rebecca, and Kim; Jessy; Chala; Renee; Jamie; Karen; Destiny; Caleb; Josh and Carmel; Robbie; Benyamani; Twinkles; and others.  You guys have been foremost on my heart and in my prayers, and I wish for the Lord to release each of you into the fullness of your destinies.  To a certain extent, I claim responsibility for each of your callings, and I take a vested interest in where He is taking you.  
4. I really have been enjoying the teaching of Mike Bickle and the worship of Misty Edwards since coming north and east.  New England has been a good place for me to pray and intercede a ton.
5. Especially since my season of spiritual abuse ended nearly half a decade ago, I have really seen the need for the church to have vibrant leaders who protect her flocks.  God has grown my heart for discipleship by exponents.  
6. Despite the accusations of Latter Rain connections, Mike Bickle, Todd Ganovski, and Misty Edwards have been used of the Lord to minister many copious amounts of encouragement.
7. Kresha, Isaac, and Emmaus.  The three of you have been God’s instruments of further and most important solace in this hard, cold, barren place.  This is by far the most difficult season we have encountered, and true to the old adage, “the grass is never greener.”  That is, except when the Lord moves and calls.  I pray He uses me to communicate the same breadth and depth of sanity to your lives, that He has used you to communicate to me.  I listed you guys with #7 as you are the symbol of completion in the one aspect of my life by which God has helped to move in other areas of my life.  You are my Christ-bearance, laughter, and hot springs. 
7b. David and Wendy Falls: Words do not begin to communicate, oh quiet ministers of grace in Ohio, what God has used y’all and Kresha to speak to me.  Stay strong, and faithful.  He has a task for you.  Complete it.  Thank you three for encouraging me along with countless others, to apply to Yale, and long with my family, despite the concerns of others that going to such a liberal school would destroy my faith.  Thank you, David and Wendy, for WALKING with us, with my family through heartache, joy, solitude, and congregation.  You guys are at the top of my list for ministerial associations.  Though you may get blasted by others in the ministry, and because you, as well as my wife, defended, protected, and did not try to rewire me to function a certain way in the kingdom, since you three  know how I was wired (strange though it seems to many) in the manner of a seer and teacher.  May I learn the sacrifice required to flow where God has called me to flow.
8. Dr. Railey’s definition of the attribute of God’s love as “that quality of God by which He is eternally moved to self-communication” has helped remind me that He really does still speak to us, use us, and move through, in, and for us at all times. 
9. To the Lord, you have given me life and light.  May I do Your word and handling of Your word justice, as I seek to dissert the texts you will give me.  I appreciate the chance at having the opportunity to delve into your words, and help others to delve therein.  Help your servant to suck out the marrow and teach others to do the same.  
My many thanks to the many members of the household of faith who have been used to flesh out Christ’s unfailing love to me.  


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