For my Fellow Ministers…

As a general rule, I can’t stand weddings.  With exceptions to people with whom I am already friends who are single, meaning, I would in a heartbeat perform a wedding for you if you were my friend with the proper provisions, I do not like weddings, at all.  Usually ruled by people who think it’s a woman’s day, wedding planners, etc. who know nothing of the humility of the divine Bridegroom who is coming back for a Bride without spot or wrinkle, and manifest all manner of pride, and cannot handle it being about the union between Christ and His Church, weddings are frequently tragic.  Compounded by the current debate over gay marriage, they are made even less fun for those of us whom defend traditional marriage.

Having said all that, I approve of Bob Caldwell’s below sentiments.

Here here.  

My “solution” to gay marriage in church is this: Let the government decide who can be legally married and then churches should get out of the wedding business. Not marriage, but weddings. Way too much money is spent on them anyway and churches always have some level of struggle when people whose status as a believer engenders some doubt wants to get married in the church.

If we got out of the business, then you tell people in the church to go down to the courthouse and get married. Then on a Sunday morning, either during the service or just afterward, the pastor conducts a short simple service that asks the blessing of God to be present in this new marriage. If the couple wants a reception, they can do that anywhere, anytime.

It’s way too radical an idea to ever catch on, but when the day comes that the government requires churches to perform gay marriages if they also do heterosexual ones, then I will dust off the proposal.


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