The Eternality of the Lord-Powerful, Possible, Able

I just got done with a conversation with a pastor friend from Kentucky that got me thinking of the Word of God, Jesus.  A bit of what follows I credit to our conversation, and his musings on the Logos, which got me thinking.  So, credit for this post belongs to Darryl Fitzwater of Ashland Independent Pentecostal Church of Christ. 

On the concept of the Theotokos, that Mary was the God-bearer, I take a very simple approach to this.  Mary did give birth to what is the second person of the Trinity.  She did bear God in flesh.  However, Jesus was already divine eternally before His birth.  He just took on human flesh, in order that He might dwell with and among us.  The Israelite faith had a structure that described this reality well.  The Tabernacle. The prophetic foreshadowing of Christ’s work.  The place where God’s presence dwelt among God’s people.

It is not heresy to say God died on that cross.  Jesus, being God, died on the cross.  Jesus, fully man, died on the cross.  The fullness of the Godhead dwelt in Him bodily, and in His form, the fullest expression of the Trinity found it’s manifestation. 

And He died.

And He raised from the dead.  He laid down His life of His own free will and then He took it back up.  He did not suffer like a punching bag or whipping post in hell for us.  Rather, by His word, by the Sharp sword that proceeds from His mouth, He pronounced the powers incapable of stinging through death.  He ripped the keys out of Satan’s hands, and pronounced the coming judgement.  This is part of what was behind the statement, “It is finished.”  This is one of the sources of our authority.  The mere fact that He is, roots our authority.  Not only is He, but He is also able.  He is powerful.  With Him, by death and resurrection all is possible. There is a term for this in Greek.  Dunatos.

The life Jesus provides by His atoning death and resurrection in one full of power, abilities, and possibilities.  Dunatos.  Powerful. Possible. Able.

How are you appropriating that power, that possibility, and that ability that flows from Christ?


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  1. check out for an outline of Mark's Gospel. Much more could be said about it, but its something someone may be blessed with!

    Ashland International Pentecostal Church of Christ


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