The New Year….what is going to be different.

Besides the usual resolutions…

To the left is a picture of my wife, Kresha, and me at the home of a friend of ours.  We had just celebrated our 5th anniversary and my 30th birthday (both on the 14th).  

Last Sunday morning, she told me about some conviction she was experiencing in our life.  That is, she was planning all of these various good resolutions, which in and of themselves are good.  While preparing them, the Lord said to her, “these resolutions may be good to you, but this year, I want you to focus on Me.  Make your one resolution to know Me this coming year.”

This is what we have been failing to do in the past year.  We have been failing to make the Lord and our communiity’commmunion with him a priority.  Instead, we were chasing things like, “beat debt” and “burn fat.”  We have been seeking a revolutionized marriage without including him in the equation.  The focus had become the resolutions.

This year, our resolution is Psalm 27:4, as we have been hearing reiterated from the multitude of witnesses, not the least of which has been each other, our church, and Mike Bickle, among others.  It is our desire to “dwell in his house, and to gaze upon his beauty, and to inquire at his temple.” Our intent will be to make that the context for our other activity, and for me, not the least of which includes my blogging.  

I appreciate the few and far between visits my blog receives and trust it is as much a blessing to my readers as it is to me to publish it. 

I am honored to know several in the blogging community, notably Brian Fulthorp, Joel Watts, and to a much lesser extent, Jim West.  Their valuable insight has pushed me to the furthest ends of reflection on the things which matter most, and I am honored to call two of these friends.  

I look forward to the New Year, and the new challenges that come alongside it. 

May this year be the best yet, and in the words of one list, may we “live life to the fullest.”  Jim, my condolences on the loss of your grammatical sanity, as I know what constitutes this rankling.  


2 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like a great plan! A personal quiet time is foundational to my plans for improvement in the new year. It has been a habit started many times but always failed to sustain. Give me a call sometimes and ask me how I'm doing with that.


  2. press on friend!


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