Why the Israelites died in the wilderness, because the refused to do the following

More good lyrics from the Mark Stuart-led group of Psalmists…

I can’t stop till my body drops
And you know I’m not gonna be the one to sit it out
I clap my hands to the promise land
‘Cause the promise can
Yeah, the promise can
Yeah, the promise can keep me
Until my heart caves in

Did you hear that?  The promise can keep you until your heart caves in.  You have to clap your way to the promise land.  You have a promised land.  Don’t stop.  Don’t stop.  The Israelites, in one facet of their lives, chose not to embrace and cultivate a lifestyle and attitude of worship toward the Lord Himself.  

It’s all about cultivating a life that reflects our understanding of God as He truly is.  About dilligently seeking Him (Hebrew11:6), and in that lifestyle, entering into that place of rest, not hardening our hearts (Hebrews 4, Psalm 95).  Instead of worshipping, and standing of the truth of whom God was and is, the Israelites griped, complained, groumble, gritched, whined, bickered, tested, moaned, and played a bunch of drama kings and queens against the God of the universe.  No wonder He says He loathed that generation.  Their unbelief drove them to wickedness.  Even after God spent day after day after day, non-stop, speaking directly to Moses and the people.  

Even with the cloud, fire, miracles, signs, wonders, and destruction of their enslaving captors, they still complained it was not good enough.



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