Rupert Murdoch, the NIV, Rick Warren, and the pornography industry

Check out these four links and then I have a thought or two!

So, Rupert Murdoch owns HarperCollins, and, by extension, Zondervan, publisher of the NIV among other books, like The Purpose Driven Life.

Rupert Murdoch is owner of News Corporation, some of whose subsidiaries are the largest providers of pornography.

Rick Warren is connected to Rupert Murdoch by way of Saddleback Valley Community Church, and claims to be Murdoch’s pastor, yet it would seem he refuses to rebuke Murdoch for his sins.

Does this concern anyone else?

I wonder where the profits, if any, for the NIV and other Zondervan publications go.

To me, this is eminently sad.

I wonder if anyone at Fox News or anyone else has anything to say along these lines.

Two words come to mind here:  Matthew 18.

One final question:  Does a watching of Fox News, or any other news equate a condonation of the industries that said news channel funds.  What would Jesus do in this case, seriously?



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  1. Posted by Anonymous on December 2, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    Is Warren in fear? Has anyone considered what he might be up against?


  2. People might consider what Warren is up against, Anonymous, but again, there is a principle Jesus, the Apostles, and others did not shy away from. That principle is found throughout Romans 8 and particularly verse 37. If God is for us, who can be against us. Or in the Psalms, “What can man do to me?” Seriously, we in the American church are so lax towards morality and so afraid of persecution, and so fearful that they will not let the Scriptures or the God of those Scriptures speak to them, let alone obey what the Word says. No wonder Jesus, the messengers of God, and the writers of Scripture said one message.

    “Do not be afraid/do not fear/do not worry…”

    I imagine a lot of people have considered what Warren might be up against. Losing a lot of publishing, among other things.

    We really need, in the church, to consider with whom we are doing business before we sink 30 years into a relationship that could cause other believers in the body to stumble. This industry is one of those that has to be rooted out by ourselves, lest we become subject in the end to a much worse rooting out.

    Final thought:

    I understand what Warren is up against, at least in part. I am curious to know your assessment of the situation. In case I missed anything, would you be so kind as to enumerate what you see Warren as being up against? At least in list form. I would be interested in comparing notes with you.


  3. Can GOD be mocked??? of course NOT!!! wherever you seed that's what you WILL harvest!! isn't it? YES, DO NOT FEAR.


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