From Zwinglius Redivivus-some parents are just daft

From the desk of Jim West

Because, she says, she felt ‘threatened’ by the toddler’s father. So she sprayed the both of them.

An 18-month old child was pepper-sprayed by a woman who claims she felt threatened by the toddler’s father. The Daily News reports the altercation began when Craig Sowby was walking his dog at the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park and the leash got tangled. His toddler was walking away, so Sowby released the dog and grabbed the child. Meanwhile, the unleashed dog approached Gene and Stephanie Wesloh, who were walking their own dog. Stephanie Wesloh pepper sprayed the animal and an argument ensued. Sowby said Wesloh kept pointing the pepper spray at him and his son, who was in his arms, so he tried to take it from her. That’s when she sprayed them. Sowby fled down the trail with his child, but Wesloh followed and sprayed them again.

I guess Shrew Steph felt really pressed to pepper spray that 18 month old. Those little ones can be violent as all get out, can’t they? Or maybe she just acted like an inconsiderate, self-absorbed, shrewish, depraved, git. Or maybe she’s just one of those people who takes the violent course at the least provocation. Or maybe she just didn’t trust Gene (her husband?) to take care of the situation if it escalated. No, why do that, when you can whip out pepper spray and assault a little child…
People…  they’re just absurd and most of them totally curved in on themselves.  Like Stephanie.

I say this is foolishMany people are.  

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