God is not named the Wonderful Counselor

Why is it every time this season comes around, we get to butchering the text of Isaiah 9:6?  For the sake of traditions of men, we continually perpetuate the concept that God’s name is called Wonderful Counselor.  To the contrary, his name is not Wonderful Counselor, but rather Wonderful and, seperately, His name is Counselor.  We like to have this habit of overlooking during the Xmas season, overlooking the concept of giving, overlooking the concept of reading Scripture for all it’s worth, and overlooking the meaning of His names.

In so conjoining Wonderful and Counselor, we forget the meaning of both.

What does it mean to say God is Wonderful?
God is the Wonderful.  For this, consider that God manifested Himself to Moses and delivered Israel’s offspring from the hand of Mizraim (Egypt).  We forget that He, appropriate to the birth of the Messiah, showed Pharaoh His wonders.  This passage and account of Israel’s deliverance is appropriate to the account of the birth of Christ, since God called His son out of Egypt, and during the time of Moses, called His people Israel out of the Egyptian wilderness.  

For He is full of wonders.

He is not some trite part Xmas cantata.  A fixture or decoration of the tree idol we seek to set up in our homes, but rather, He and His wonders are the heart and heartbeat of the Xmas season.  

Moreover, He is the Counselor, the Paraclete, the one who comes alongside and encourages and exhorts.  He is the Baptizer with fire and the near present Immanuel, the God in, with, and among us.

He is the one who gives comfort and counsel to the abandoned, orphan, widow, fatherless, sufferers of neuroses and psychoses, far more effectively than any therapist, psychiatrist, or scrip for antidepressants.  He speaks and influences and, if, by His very words the heavens and earth were formed (Heb 11), then surely His speaking into our individual lives is that much more effective and…wonderful.


2 responses to this post.

  1. David,

    I think if you look at 'wonderful' it would be wounderous, such as a miracle.

    Also, look that verse up in the LXX


  2. Joel,

    οτι παιδιον εγεννηθη ημιν υιος και εδοθη ημιν ου η αρχη εγενηθη επι του ωμου αυτου και καλειται το ονομα αυτου μεγαλης βουλης αγγελος εγω γαρ αξω ειρηνην επι τους αρχοντας ειρηνην και υγιειαν αυτω

    If I am reading this right, I do not see the other titles (Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace). This is somewhat unusual and disturbing.

    And “Angel of Great Counsel.”

    You know, this even makes better sense to me than what I previously thought.

    Think of this, given the HOly Spirit is called the Counselor, and Jesus equates Himself in a role of Counselor, and the role of a Counselor is to give advice and counsel (wisdom), and a function of the Spirit is to endue believers with power, then it's not just counseling like a phychologist's chair. This is counsel like no other. Counsel that is accompanied with great power, and the concept that He is infinite in the number of solutions He has available to use to assist us. Thanks for the provocation, sir.


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