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So, a cancellation becomes a suspension.  And one to become leverage to move the Community Center further away from the WTC site.  Intriguing…

The pastor of a tiny Florida church has threatened to rethink his decision to abandon plans for a weekend Koran-burning event that has drawn global outrage.

Hours after calling off the much-criticised ceremony to mark the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, Pastor Terry Jones backtracked and said it had merely been suspended.
“Right now we are just putting a temporary hold upon our planned event,” he said.
The Dove World Outreach Centre pastor had earlier said his change of heart over the event was in exchange for a deal to relocate a controversial mosque project near Ground Zero in New York.
But the alleged deal was thrown into confusion when the imam leading the project for the Islamic cultural centre in New York, Feisal Abdul Rauf, quickly denied any such agreement.
Pastor Jones claimed to have won assurances from an Orlando imam acting as a go-between, Mohammed Musri, that Iman Rauf was willing to do a deal and would meet him in New York on Saturday to discuss it.
“We put a suspension on it because right now we are actually really disappointed and very shocked because if this turns out to be true, he [Imam Musri] very clearly lied to us,” Pastor Jones said later after Imam Rauf’s denial.
“We would be forced to rethink our decision, because we cancelled it based upon his word.
“I understand he [Imam Musri] is now going around saying that he did not say that.”

 Link to the article


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