from the Desk of Matthew T. Barksdale-Concerning the Dove World Outreach Center Burning of the Qur’an

I agree with this whole commentary by Matt Barksdale on the DWOC Qur’an burning.  Well thought-out comments on a not-well-thought-out action.  Pastors really should watch their words

I kinda agree with Cody. Muslims were murdering Christians and burning Bibles publicly in their countries long before any American decided to publicly burn the Koran. They’ll be doing it long after too. I don’t think that this guy is going to have any affect on anything except get himself some publicity.

As a Christian, he’s sending the wrong message. He should in no way be doing this on Church property and under the guise of a pastor. We’re supposed to be living like Christ. Vengeance and retribution for 9/11, well that’s something God will handle.

Now… As an American citizen does he have the right to burn a Koran. You dang right he does. Does he have the right to burn a Bible? Yep. American Flag? Sure. This guy’s connected the Muslim faith with terrorists, so in his mind, his actions are justified. He’s allowed to protest, holler, hold signs, burn stuff, etc.

It’s how he associates himself that makes all the difference. He’s doing this as a pastor and shepherd of his church, the Bible teaches us that Pastors are held to a higher standard (James 3:1). As a pastor, he is representing his people and saying that as a group, They do this. He’s also doing this openly as a Christian, which pretty much puts a stain on all American Christians.

This guy kinda reminds me of the Westboro Baptist Crowd. People that claim to be Christians, but are really “Class A Nutcases”.

What think ye?  I would be remiss to run a Biblical Studies/Theology blog without mentioning this event.


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