Well thought out rant from Dave Ramsey April 15, 2009

I agree with this wholeheartedly
From the desk of Dave Ramsey to Washington D. C., April 15, 2009 Let the prophet speak. Well said: 
“I want my money back!!” “You know, when you go into a store, you go into a restaurant, or you go into some situation where you get crummy quality, and they don’t take care of you, and they abuse you as a customer, and the money that you spent-well, you feel ripped off. What is it that you say to the manager, the owner of the establishment, the person running the operation. You look at them and you say “I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!’” “Now you might start off nice at first. But if you’re not getting somebody’s attention at first, eventually you’re going to raise your volume, because you have had enough as a customer that’s been ripped off. You’re sick of the misbehavior of this establishment. And the guy operating this thing-well, you want a refund.” Well, that’s how a whole bunch of Americans feel about their government right now-me included. I want my money back. I want my money back. It’s mine. That’s no whining. That is a moral statement regarding private property rights. I want…my money back. It’s mine. I earned it. I served people and helped people, and they paid me in return and it was my money. If you cut someone’s grass and they pay you for cutting their grass and you do a good job, good, that’s your money. I don’t want that money. I didn’t earn that money. You served someone. You earned that money. If you operate a restaurant and you feed some people, and you do a good job, well, then, then you’ve earned your money. If you operate computers and you build computers, and you’re Bill Gates, then that’s your money. That’s Bill Gates’ money. I don’t want Bill Gates’ money. That’s his money. And if I get to keep my money, you know what I’ll do with it? Because I am a moral person. A person with a value system. Because I already do this with my money, and so I have a proven track record in that regard, and so do most Americans, by the way. I will give it to help others. And as a businessperson, if I have more money, you know what I do? I grow my business. You know what that means? It means I hire more people. Now this is really not rocket science, and this is not political theory, and it’s not one liners coming off of some[one]’s political platform, who hadn’t never made a payroll. (Imitating Republicans) ‘Well we have to have small businesses be able to have access to credit or they can’t make payroll.” These were the kind of moronic statements made by Republicans in the fall. It was a talking points bulletin that went out to the Republicans. “We have to shore up the economy, because the credit is frozen, and the small businessmen can’t operate,” which is an indication that you people are freaking idiots. You have no idea how a small business operates. And then chiming right along beside them, using the same lines, oddly enough, were the Democrats, and Hank Paulson, whose shall forever, by God, remain a memory. I want my money back! My grandchildren and my great grandchildren haven’t even been born yet, and they already want their money back! They already feel ripped off! “Cause they already have been. I want my money back. For the rest of this rant, which is amazing, see the link to this video on my Profile. I agree, I want my money back.

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