Names of G-d 38

The G-d Who Has a Person Ready For the Job

And the L-rd G-d planted a Garden in Eden, in the east, and there he put the man whom he had formed.

Genesis 2:8

He doesn’t just sit idly by while me make things happen, with detacthed disinterest.

Rather, when we see a job that needs doing, we need to ask G-d who His man or woman is for the job that needs doing.

He has prepared a job for you, and He has or pared you for a specific, satisfying job and problem that you were made to solve.

He made Adam and Eve for the Garden, and made the Garden for them.

He always has a man or a woman that He wants to get ready for the job that needs doing.

The question is, are we looking for a person to fill a slot with no more interest than a widget, or are we looking for THE RIGHT person, either permanently or for a season?

We can let dead-end happen, or we can let transition and movement toward destiny happen.


The Fractal of Two On Day Three


The number two shows up a lot in the third day. Some data to consider, gang.

There are two types of roots among the multiplicity of plants from the third day: taproot and fibrous.

There are two types of stems: woody and herbaceous.

There are two types of trees: deciduous and coniferous.

There two types of broad leaves: opposite and alternate.

There are two types of both opposite and alternate leaves: simple and compound.

Beyond the needles/scalelike/broad leaves, there are two types of other trees: palms and cacti.

There are fruits and vegetables.

There are seeds and stones.

There are monocotyledons and dicotyledons.

There are lemons and limes.

There are annuals and nonannuals, and the nonannuals divide into biennials and perennials.

There are clusters and singles.

There are running root systems and single-rooted individuals.


The purpose for this is that we need to articulate the concept of the pattern of two in order to see that the Teacher is designed to deal with a whole host of issues that come in pairs.

For example, the first articulation of male and female also came on the third day. The plants themselves, have male and female parts, and the idea of sexuality came into being on the third day.

Dealing with the binary of male and female and for dealing with issues of human sexuality.

This is part of the domain of the Teacher: to deal with providing a solid response to the homosexuality argument and to bring reconciliation between the gay community and their identity and their G-d.


Leviathan and the Ancient of Days

I think I know now why Leviathan responds strongly to the Ancient of Days in the context of warfare and deliverance when it comes to his response to the strength of our will.

I was listening to Sixth Head of Leviathan by Arthur Burk, and Arthur said he had no idea why Leviathan doesn’t respond the way standard demons do, to authority, but rather responds to the Ancient of Days.

Leviathan backs down in response, not to our authority and to legal disputes of how the King beat the Prince of the Authority of the Air, but more to the strength of our will, as we bring the name and reality of the Ancient of Days to bear on dealing with Leviathan.

The Ancient of Days is tied with G-d the Father. That is, G-d the Father is the G-d of Time.

G-d the Father is the the Giver of every good and perfect gift. He gives life. Furthermore, it is he who gives life and vitality to our will.

To the degree that we are refusing to walk with, (not to the level that we have bound or cast out) or to the degree that we have actively made a lifestyle of rejecting influence of Spirit of Poverty…

Definition of the Spirit of Poverty: the spirit that causes us to believe that G-d has not given us gifts. This has nothing to do with how much money we have, but rather is more tied to our ability to see and utilize the resources that we do have. He walks in deep fellowship with the Spirit of Slavery. Slaves demand finished products. Sons see and transform raw materials into finished products. Sons create. Those with a SOP do not see raw materials and are therefore in the mindset of the Older Brother (Parable of the Prodigal Son).

…we can then embrace the Ancient of Days, receive the Life that will strengthen our Will and the root of our spirits as gifts of G-d, and can then more forcefully bring the reality of the Ancient of Days to bear in resisting Leviathan.

So, let’s take it from the top. See resources. Relate to the Giver of Life. Receive life and vitality. Reject the Spirit or Poverty, which has NOTHING TO DO WITH MONEY. Receive deeply the Anicent of Days. Walk in the gifts that the principles are. Resist Leviathan.

Happy resisting, gang.

Concerning Working in Deliverance and Warfare and a Plug For a Good Teaching on the Topic


If the devil is allowed to set the agenda for warfare…

If you leave the door open for him to set the time, schedule, and timing for warfare, he will.

Too many believers do spiritual warfare as a reaction to the devil rather than a response to the L-rd.  Too many believers hear of a bad situation happening and instead of checking in with the L-rd, they “bind the devil in Jesus’ name”, when they should be asking Dad if He wants them to fight, or if He wants them to be restrained because the bad situation is meant to be a trigger from the L-rd to transition the person away from a chronically bad situation into one that is better.  We too often address the devil while simultaneously neglecting to consider either the open doors or the other options.


If the devil cannot decrease your effectiveness, he will be content with your exhaustion.

If you are effective as an exorcist but you insist on leaving time for ministering exorcism from 10:30 PM and finishing around 2:00 AM, the devil will be content with you chronically getting 4 hours of sleep, which will ultimately decrease your effectiveness in the long run.

Timing and schedule your ministry of exorcism ought to be reserved for a more appropriate hour of the day fall for this trap.

Devils are like the Kardashians.  Good press, bad press, any kind of press, they just want press.

Arthur Burk

If you want demons to perform in a deliverance because that is what you look for regularly, so you can have a good fight, they will perform for you, and they will give you a full three-ring circus.  But I despise demons performing.  “The only good deliverance is a boring deliverance”.

Deliverance does not necessarily have to be a messy affair all the time.  Their job, once the legal right has been addressed for their being there, is to just go with a word (Matthew 8:16).  Period.

For a good and extensive treatment of many issues in warfare, consider the following record by Arthur Burk.  It will be well worth your time, and he is exceptionally even-handed and non-drama when it comes to deliverance.

The Full Work of Creating and Making AND A Bit Of the Mercy’s Enjoyment of Warfare

Gang, this one jumped out at me when I was talking with Isaac.

He was doing his Bible Homework and asked the question.

In how many days did G-d make/create everything?

And most of y’all know the answer, the usual answer.


And yet, the first record of rest did not happen until the seventh day.

Ther for, G-d created everything except for rest in six days.

But G-d did not create EVERYTHING in six days.

Rest was his idea and thus, his creation.

So, I answered him, G-d rested on the seventh day, and so given that, the answer is actually seven days.

Granted, this is a simplification of my views, given I am an old-earther. But, fascinating point. Seven days, because the seventh day was in fact a day of creation. He created the reality of alignment through rest, refreshment, and also assessment of what he had done.

Days and seasons of rest are also opportunities for us to “occupy” in active rest through evaluation, shifting, realignment with Dad’s purposes and prepping for the next week.



Mercies do not enjoy warfare. Mercies like to avoid warfare.

And other like statements.

And I have a couple of thoughts for that sentiment.

Actually, one.


Now that I have said that, consider the following

Three words.

Man of blood.

Look at the life of King David, the merciest of Mercies, and Joshua, another Mercy say that with a straight face again.

Granted, I think there are some Mercies that run from the donneybrook, but I think greater is the number that runs to the donneybrook.

So, thoughts.

For a definition of “donneybrook”, see below.

The Exhorter’s Anger

There are some who would laugh at the social butterfly that is the Exhorter.

There are some Prophets who might be tempted to laugh AT the Exhorter’s anger, or fail to take their anger seriously, precisely because, so frequently, the Exhorter is saddled with a “life of the party” stigma.

But nothing could be further from the right way to handle the Exhorter, epsecially when their anger is rightly-weighed and placed.

Let’s read the following text from Exodus 32.

As soon as he came near the camp and saw the calf and dancing, Moses’ anger burned hot, and he threw the tablets out of his hand and broke them at the foot of the mountain. He took the calf that they had made and burned it with fire and ground it to powder and scattered it on the water and made the people of Israel drink it.

Exodus 32:19-20 (ESV)

Gang, make it your aim to refuse to stereotype any one of the gifts.

Just because the Exhorter can be so fun-loving and given to people and possibly some glad-handing, does not mean their ire cannot be drawn and their zeal for the L-rd’s honor and holiness cannot burn fiercely.

Just because a Prophet, for example, can make fun of an Exhorter’s anger, does not mean it is not incredibly stupid.

Just because an Exhorter is angry at something does not mean it is time for another colossal joke or that we should not take them seriously.

G-d made the gifts all good.

Moses lost it and forced the idolaters to drink ground-up calf idol.

Sounds like a Prophet, right? Reminds me personally of Elijah.

Nope. Exhorter.

Each of the gifts can manifest a zeal for the L-rd of hosts.

Then, on top of that, the Exhorter Moses said.

Levites, start a massacre.

Again, Exhorter.

Granted, some stuff is Exhorter ego, and we should feel a safe place to call it out when it is off-base.

But that is why discernment is so critical, gang.

And we should be aware of when the Exhorter really is desiring others to take them seriously.

Just because one gift typically presents one way, does not mean that they always present that way.

Handle the Exhorter, and handle them well.

Make sure you can have a strong exchange with them when necessary. They need people to help them come down when they are burning with Reality over some issue.